Ultimate Guide to Parking Lot Repair

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Having a well-paved parking lot for your business is important; it offers a safer and more professional experience for your customers and elevates the look of commercial spaces. Over time, the quality of pavement can fade, leading to chipping and potholes. In this case, you need a parking lot repair.

From preparation to identifying damage, here’s what to expect for the asphalt parking lot repair process.

Commercial Parking Paving

Assessing Parking Lot Damage and Clearing Debris

Two crucial steps that cannot be missed are observing the damage and clearing the area of debris. Damage usually includes cracking or rutting. You need to assess how much cracking and rutting there is and to what degree of severity.

Next, clear the area of contaminants:


Clearing the area is essential for a smoother repair and saves time.

Cracks and Potholes

Weather damage weakens asphalt, causing cracks and holes to form.

Here are a few methods for parking lot crack repair:

  • Cold-pour crack filler: for cracks that are ½ of an inch deep.
  • Hot-pour rubber crack filler: for cracks that are 1 inch deep.
  • Gator Patch: for alligator cracks.
  • Cold patch repair kit: for potholes.

Parking Lines Paint
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Ruts and Uneven Depressions

Divots and ruts can form from vehicles. The best solution is to cut out the damaged area and remove all the debris to apply a pothole repair patch.


Long-term sun exposure to asphalt’s bitumen causes asphalt to turn grey, instead of the fresh black everyone wants. This is called oxidation. To fix this, add a new layer of seal coat.

Crumbling Asphalt

Over time, whole chunks of the material will start to rise and break off. Smaller areas can be repaired by using an asphalt heater to meld it back into place. For larger areas, hire a professional to repave the area.

Improper Water Drainage

Signs of improper water drainage in your lot include large puddles. This causes your pavement to wear out faster, but it can be fixed in a couple of ways. You can either re-grade the area or install a better draining system.

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Commercial Project of Driveway Paving with paint

Re-Striping and Marking

Removing old markings is important for commercial parking lot repair because you need the new markings to stand out and adhere to regulations.

Assess parking lot legislation to ensure you have all the symbols to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

Ready to choose your paver pattern?

Sealant makes asphalt look new and makes it more damage resistant. It can repel damage from oxidation, water, grease, and gas. Once the new sealant is applied, it is important to block off the traffic so that it can adhere properly.

Spiderwebs of crack, gouging potholes, crumbling chunks of asphalt — these are just some signs that your parking lot needs to be repaired. It is important to fix the damage now, so it doesn’t become more severe. If you’re in need of a team of experts who repair parking lots for a living, then come to VIP Paving. Contact us today for a free quote to get your parking lot back into stunning shape.