Sodding vs. Seeding: What’s Best for my Lawn?

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If you’re thinking about starting a lawn, you may be wondering whether sod or grass seed is the best choice for your lawn. Both methods can produce a luscious green lawn when installed correctly, but there are some differences between sod vs seed that you should take note of that may help you determine which of the two is better for you.

Sod creates an instant lawn


The beauty of sod is that you don’t have to wait for it to grow. As soon as you lay the rolls of grass on the ground, you have a ready-made lawn.

This is appealing to many homeowners who’d rather not wait weeks for their grass to germinate and grow.

Grass seed can repair current lawn

If your current lawn is struggling and you want to revitalize it by introducing new grass, seed is a better choice for you because you can fill in some of the damaged areas with seed that will grow along with the rest of the lawn.

This is a deal for lawns that are doing well for the most part but just need a little repair work. Sod, on the other hand, needs to be laid on bare soil.

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Seeding offers more grass variety

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Many homeowners with lawns prefer certain varieties over others based on how the grass looks, how much water it needs, how it feels and how well it takes root.

You can get a lot of variety when starting a lawn from seed. Sod, while convenient to grow, doesn’t have as much variety as a seed lawn.

Seeding is easier to DIY than sodding

For homeowners who wish to establish a lawn on their own, seeding is far less complicated than sodding. For one, sod needs to be installed correctly. If it isn’t, it will die very quickly, which means money down the drain and an unsightly yard.

Sod also has a 24-hour transporting window that you must meet or the grass may die. Grass seed is easier to grow even though it takes more time and care to grow.

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Sod can control weed growth and erosion

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Adding seed grass to an area on your lawn with high traffic or near your home’s downspout will introduce far more weeds than sod.

The trouble with grass seed is that it can easily be washed away when it rains heavily. Sod on the other hand is a better option and is less prone to erosion.

Seeded lawn grows undisturbed

One of the complications with growing sod is that the grass is grown in conditions that are ideal. It gets the right amount of soil balance, moisture, and sunlight.

However, when it’s transplanted to your yard, these conditions may vary and cause the sod not to take root successfully. Seeds, on the other hand, grow where they are planted and will adapt to the environment from the very beginning.

Seeded lawn grows

Laying sod is more expensive

Laying sod

The cost to lay sod runs much higher than seed lawn, which will make a huge difference if you have a tight budget.

There’s also the risk that the sod may not be transplanted successfully which could end up being a waste of money.

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Whether you choose to seed or sod, the result can be very beautiful. Knowing which method works best for you is key. VIP Paving is happy to help you grow a luscious green lawn. For questions about seeding or sodding, get in touch with our team of experts.