Sod Installation Service

What Is Lawn Sodding?

Lawn sodding is a procedure that replaces topsoil with sod. Sod is essentially a layer of fertilised topsoil with uprooted grass. It is applied in areas where the grass is damaged beyond repair.

A great-looking lawn does not only add a nice touch to your house but also value to your property. However, if your lawn looks patchy and uneven even after regular maintenance, it is time for new sod installation.

VIP Paving has years of experience in residential and commercial sodding and lawn maintenance. We offer the highest-quality services to the most reputable locations in Toronto and the GTA.

The Lawn Sodding Process

Our work is thorough and professional. Our sod installation process is as follows:

  • We remove any dirt and debris from underneath the topsoil to prepare the lawn for sodding.
  • We even out the lawn.
  • We discuss the new landscaping plan with our customer
  • We lay the new sod
  • We finish the edging around the flower beds and trees so your lawn looks pristine at the end of the procedure

Factors that Damage Your Lawn

Lawn damage occurs when your lawn lacks essential nutrients that keep it looking fresh and healthy. This type of damage happens due to the following reasons:

  • Post-construction debris. When residential and commercial buildings are built, rubble and debris from excavation remain at the construction site. This obviously damages your lawn and reduces its quality.
  • Improper lighting. Your lawn is not getting enough light causing the grass to grow unevenly.
  • Not enough water. If your lawn is uneven, it is hard for water to soak in. This causes your lawn to become dry and lose its colour.
  • Areas of commotion. Grass near pathways and garage entrances lose their appeal over time because of the constant traffic.
  • Weeds.Weeds on your lawn will grow when the grass becomes thinner. Unwanted weeds will continue to destroy your grass if you do not remove them immediately.

FAQs about Lawn Sodding

  • How much does lawn sodding cost?

    The cost of lawn sodding is calculated by square feet. It ranges from 28 cents to $2 per sq. ft depending on the sodding service you hire. A good way to save money on sodding is to have it done on all of your lawn at once.

  • When is the best time for lawn sodding installation?

    Spring and beginning of summer are usually great times for sod installation for homeowners in Toronto.

  • How long does it take for sodding to fully grow?

    If you maintain your new sod regularly, you can expect new grassroots to establish within 2 weeks.

What Makes Us Different  

When you sign up for sodding from VIP Paving, you are guaranteed the following:

You can be sure your lawn is in safe hands with VIP Paving. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and our work speaks for itself.

If you are considering sod installation at your Toronto property, contact us for fast and professional service.