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Welcome to one of the top interlocking companies in Toronto. VIP Paving has been servicing and the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, Peel Region and Durham Region for a decade. Over that time, we have done thousands of interlock pavement contracts for both residential and commercial properties. Each project is different than the next because we know all of our customers are different.

Here is some information on interlock paving and the many ways it can enhance your home:




To begin interlock paving our professionals will prepare the base to make sure its stable. During this process, if needed, we will remove any weak material. After we have made sure the foundation is as stable as possible, we’ll compact the base.
The depth of the base will be determined by what kind of traffic there will be. Pedestrians, vehicles, or large recreation vehicles. The final steps include installing an edge restraint, laying the pavers in their magnificent puzzle-like designs, vibrating the pavers to begin locking them into place, and then embedding sand to finish locking them into place.
Our crew will ensure the best job you’ve ever seen for your driveway, forecourt, patio, walkway, or garden path. Natural stone paving is our specialty.

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Interlocking pavers in Toronto are a highly sought after landscaping material. They are cost-effective because of simple installation, replacement, and maintenance. Highly sturdy and rigid, they can easily handle heavy loads and remain intact through freeze-thaw conditions.
If you want to go green, permeable interlocking concrete paver stones are excellent for the environment. By reducing storm water runoff, you will worry less about drainage pipes, gutters, and curb systems.
When we install interlocking pavers on your walkways or patio, we will make sure they are slip-resistant using specialized materials or a slip-resistant texture.
Interlocking pavers are decorative and will last for many years. VIP Paving has a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so you can choose exactly what you want.

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There are three overarching types of pavers: natural stone, brick, and concrete.
Natural stone pavers are the most expensive type, and can be made from “granite, limestone, flagstone and fieldstone.” They are excellent for the Canadian weather because they’re resistant to fading and weathering. Natural stone pavers are a great choice to enhance your patios and garden paths.
Brick pavers are usually rectangular, and made of baked clay. They may need to be swept and washed once in a while to keep them bright because they can pale from the chalky substance that comes from the salt in the brick. Brick pavers are perfect for your driveways or walkways because they can take a lot of pressure.
Concrete pavers are a mixture of molded concrete and an aggregate. They are easy to install, come in many colors, and extremely durable.
Concrete pavers are the right choice for you if you’d like intricate designs that will wow your neighbors.
While these three types of interlocking pavers require little maintenance, contact us for that bit of maintenance that may be needed in the future.

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VIP Paving serves many areas including Downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Concord, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, King City, Maple, Woodbridge and more. We’re here to provide the sturdiest interlock paving for your home & business, so contact us today for a friendly chat about your needs. Your happiness is our happiness! Call us today for a free quote!