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We spend a large budget on our new homes be it the architecture, the painting, the furnishing, fencing, etc. Wouldn’t we think about the driveway? Of course, we do! If that is what you need, we are the right people to contact.

Your driveway gives the guests the first impression of your house. Having a great driveway is gorgeous, isn’t it? If you are looking for driveway pavers, interlocking pavers, etc. you should come straight to us!


  • We guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • We are the best local experts around.
  • Our technician are qualified and have the required expertise and experience to serve you.
  • We are very punctual and deliver on time without causing delays.
  • We give you an estimate once you contact us. We consider the area, layout and your other preferences and tell you an estimate of the time and budget.
  • Any kind of paving that needs to be done, we are the ones to ask for.
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If you are remodeling, and you want a new driveway paved, it is not necessary to always remove the pre-existing one. If we are called in for the job, we always consider the area involved and the layout, the type of tiles that have been used, etc. and tell you if they have to be removed first. In some cases, it is completely possible to pave a new driveway over the existing one!

We use quality tools, equipment, and tiles for all our work. We also assure you of the results: it will be exactly what you imagined. We also guarantee a hundred percent quality work so you won’t be back with work related issues.

We deal with all kinds of surfaces and textures- concrete, tile, grass and stone, etc. Tell us your preferences and we shall get your job done.

Residential Home Driveway Paving Project Etobicoke


We do residential, commercial, pool, and other pavement services. We are very transparent when it comes to costs. We give you a break up of how much you are paying and for what. We charge minimum work man ship charges.

We are legally licensed, bonded and insured. Unlike the other contractors, we do not use bad quality and left over asphalts from other projects. For a good quality driveway, certain standards and procedures have to be followed. For example, an asphalt drive way should be at least 2 inches thick. If not, premature cracks may appear and the surface will begin to chip off quickly and you may have to replace it very soon. We keep our customers posted and informed about the job and its progress.

A good contractor will identify all the existing problems on the job and rectify them too. Patching up problems is not good as it will bring the quality down.

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Custom Home with Luxury Backyard Interlocking Project Etobicoke

We not only undertake drive way paving repair but also driveway sealing. No matter how big a project or small, we understand everything related to paving. Don’t wait for an occasion to have your driveway modified. Call us now 647-717-1002 and we promise you the best ever experience.

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