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Whether you need to redo your driveway’s asphalt or want to switch it up to cement, stone, or interlocking, at VIP Paving, we can do it all! Not only is a poor driveway not aesthetic, but it’s not safe either. If your driveway has cracks or holes, someone can trip on the surface and your vehicle may become damaged. So, if your driveway looks like this and you’re looking for pavers in Burlington, then continue reading to see what our team is all about.

Burlington Driveway Installation Services

Redoing your driveway is an important step to making your home look complete and aesthetically pleasing, so whatever you envision, we’ll make it a reality.

Our paving company in Burlington focuses on three types of driveways for installation: asphalt, concrete, and interlocking. Asphalt is one of the fastest materials to install, and our team can usually get the job done within 1-2 days. Once we’re done laying the asphalt, you can use your driveway right away.

Burlington Interlocking Paver Services

Interlocking in Burlington is a great way to wow your guests and customers, as this type of driveway offers a more unique look compared to asphalt or concrete. As one of the top companies, we have completed thousands of projects in the GTA.

Our team consists of expert contractors who work diligently to serve people in Ontario. Interlocking has grown in popularity because it’s affordable and simple to install and revamp. Not only that, but the material is durable and can withstand the drastic changes from hot to cold that all Ontarians are familiar with. Additionally, we can also install interlocking for your pathways or patios. So, not only will you have a gorgeous driveway, but landscape too.

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Burlington Driveway Sealing and Maintenance Services

You may see driveway sealant as a luxury, but it’s quite crucial for maintaining the quality of your driveway, which can save you money from having to replace your driveway sooner.

Our sealant creates a smoother surface, which makes it easier to clean. It’s also a layer of protection from snow, ice, salt, grease, and oil. Our process begins by power washing your driveway.

We then apply cleaning products. After that, we spray on the seal in two even layers.

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Why Choose Us for Your Burlington Driveway Paving Needs?

When you partner with VIP Paving, you’re choosing a company built on passion and expertise, and don’t you want a team of experts behind you that you can count on?

We have been in business for over 20 years and only hire the highest-skilled tradesmen who value dedication and customer satisfaction.

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We serve the GTA, as well as surrounding areas, and now Burlington. We are open on the weekends, but you need to book an appointment. If you need to replace or fix your driveway, contact us today and get a free quote! You can fill out the form on our site or call us at 647-717-1002. We can’t wait to create your dream driveway!

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