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Commercial & Residential Paving Services In Toronto Area

We’d like to take the time to advise you about some of our paving services. Using your existing landscape, we will use our expertise to infuse every surface with strength and style.

VIP Paving has unparalleled knowledge when it comes to paving services and companies in Toronto, the GTA and York Region. We have built a reputation for excellence in North York, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Thornhill, Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Woodbridge, Maple – sprawling landscapes, emphasizing on quality products and professional paving services that are no less than excellence.


Asphalt Paving for Driveways & Roads In Toronto

Asphalt driveways and roads are our specialties. We provide a wide range of asphalt paving services, including driveway resurfacing, sealing and repair. We work with commercial and residential clients on projects of all sizes.

Driveway Resurfacing with Asphalt

Resurfacing your driveway means removal of the top layer and replacing it with new asphalt. To begin, our specialists will remove old damaged asphalt, repair cracks or simply power wash your driveway. When this is complete, they will begin installation of new asphalt. The new overlay is bonded to the existing surface using a tack coat. When your driveway has cracks, soft spots, or holes but the foundation is still sound, driveway resurfacing is an excellent way to restore your concrete to its original condition at a lower cost.

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Concrete Paving Services in Toronto

We are experts in concrete paving, sealing, concrete repair,  and resurfacing.

Driveway Resurfacing With Concrete

When your driveway has cracks, soft spots, or holes, but the foundation is still sound, driveway resurfacing is an excellent way to restore your concrete to its original condition at a lower cost. To begin, our specialists will prepare the surface of your driveway by power washing it. They will repair cracks by priming them, reinforcing them with fabric, and then applying a base-coat over the fabric. The best polymer concrete will then be patched over the fabric, and then ground until it is flush with your driveway’s surface. There are many more steps, but we’d like you to experience them first-hand from our professional staff. 

Concrete Driveway project in Maple Ontario


To begin interlock paving, our professionals will prepare the base to make sure its stable. We will remove any unnecessary material during this stage.

After we have made sure the foundation is as stable as possible, we’ll compact the base. The depth of the base will be determined by future purpose of the paved area. Pedestrians, vehicles, or large recreation vehicles create different loads and require different techniques and materials.

Final steps include:

  1. Installing an edge restraint
  2. Laying the pavers in their magnificent puzzle-like designs
  3. Vibrating the pavers to begin locking them into place
  4. Embedding sand to finish locking them into place
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VIP Paving services cover many areas including Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, North York, Concord, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Markham, Aurora, King City, Maple, Woodbridge, Newmarket and more. 

Get started with commercial paving for your property. We build and repair the largest parking lots & driveways in the GTA.  We guarantee longevity and minimal maintenance for your commercial parking lot, driveway, and walkways.  We look forward to a friendly chat with you to discuss your needs

We specialize in designing, building and managing large paving projects, with all necessary permits and with your interests as a priority. You can learn more about Toronto’s City Bylaws & Regulations here.

NOTE: Every City & Township have their own regulations.

VIP Service For Every Driveway In The GTA And York Region

Does your pavement need maintenance? Feel free to contact us for your commercial and residential paving needs. From Downtown Toronto to Newmarket, East, and West, VIP Paving offers best paving services in the region.