Garden & Patio Tips for Fall Season

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It’s never too late in the year to fix up your garden

Maple and North York based homeowners usually avoid taking on any major home and garden upgrades in the winter and fall months. However, this period of time can be the optimal stretch for landscaping, building and paving services. Have you been meaning to fix up your driveway and pathways? Are you looking to build a new porch? Maybe you want to cozy up by a fire pit and enjoy the last warm days. Take advantage of lower contractor rates and easy scheduling during the off-peak season, and upgrade your home’s exterior before winter dawns in full. Don’t let Canadian cold bite, and keep using your outdoor space in full. For your benefit we’ve assembled some of the best off-season upgrade ideas for your garden and patio.

Update and Repair Your Paving

Many interlocking and paving companies offer off-peak rates for fall repairs. While most repairs are generally recommended for spring, an off-season installation is often a good idea if you’re on a budget and want to enjoy your outdoor space. Spruce up your paths, stone decorations or install that interlock patio you’ve been dreaming of. It’ll be there, ready to enjoy as soon as the snow melts.

See more interlocking, concrete and asphalt paving ideas from VIP Paving.

Install a Heat Source on Your Patio or Backyard

Have you heard of patio heaters? They’re one of the easiest ways to enjoy your deck or backyard on those chilly nights, and area available in a variety of styles. You can purchase a tabletop design, a full-size installation or a commercial-grade heater for larger spaces.

Another excellent idea is a fire pit as a centralized heat source for family and guests. Paving companies offer fire put installation, meaning you can combine this installation with an upgrade to your paving or walkways, or patio pavement. If you’re not interested in building a stone fire pit, consider purchasing a metal one from your local home improvement store for a portable, adjustable central heat source.

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Install Some Fall Décor Outdoors

Are you the kind of person who needs to keep their patio open for a mental break from your home?  If you want to keep using your patio, consider changing the décor to winter-friendly items such as coverings, plastic items and lights for darkening daylight hours. Add seasonal décor to bring in warmth and climate, and to make your space feel comfortable.

Close Off Your Patio

Do you have patio furniture and items which are subject to winter wear and tear? But want to keep enjoying them until the very last minute? Something of a novel idea is to screen off a section of your garden, shielding it from falling leaves, drizzle and wind. A screened-in patio or one with retractable canvases can allow you to use your patio year-round, instead of restricting activities to a few months of the year.

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Benefit from these ideas and more. Take advantage of the fall, and of VIP Paving’s great pricing. We offer custom solutions for paving, concrete and interlocking services in Toronto and the surrounding area, specifically Maple and North York. Contact us now for driveway repairs, custom stonework, pathways, patio paving, poolside paving and more! We can help you design and upgrade your home’s exterior, and improve its curb appeal tenfold. Call our teams now for a free estimate, and book our services now.

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