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Professional Commercial Paving


Every business owner knows the importance of their office’s interior in leaving an impression on customers.

Many, however, overlook the exterior of their business. We believe that professional commercial paving adds to your office’s curb appeal. Not only that—a professionally paved driveway or parking lot sends the right message to potential clients.
If you need to install a new driveway or expand the parking lot by your office, VIP Paving is your go-to paving contractor. We offer a wide range of paving services to suit your every need.


We offer a wide range of paving materials for commercial and industrial use. Also, we want you to have the opportunity to choose the type of paving to install depending on your business, your budget, and your schedule.


    Asphalt is perhaps the most practical type of pavement material. Asphalt paving can take pressure, heat, and is very sturdy and long-lasting. Therefore, we recommend asphalt paving for heavy-duty businesses and industrial facilities. We specialize in paving and hot patching for asphalt parking lots, driveways, streets and highways. We are trusted paving contractors who completed highway hot patch installation projects, airport parking lot hot patching and more!
commercial asphalt paving
Commercial Interlocking Concrete Pavement

    Interlock is usually installed for its aesthetic purposes. If you want your business to make a statement, consider interlock paving. However, due to the complexity of interlock installation, finishing a project requires time, effort, and a lot of manual labor. Interlocking also needs regular maintenance because it’s susceptible to breaking, cracking, and weed spurting from in between the interlock tiles.

    Concrete is one of the most commonly popular materials for office fronts. Concrete paving is neat, durable, and very affordable. It also gives a systematic, organized look to an area yet isn’t too hard to install. Concrete is also used in many different designs and comes in various colours, patterns, and textures.

Commercial Parking Lot Paving

VIP Paving offers exceptional professional commercial parking lot paving services. We offer complete solutions from walkways to total parking lot repaving. When you work with VIP Paving you are partnered with an experienced parking lot paving contractor who oversees the project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

As expert commercial asphalt pavers, we understand how important it is to your business to have a parking lot that is both safe and has curb appeal. Before we begin, we review the project with you to make sure every detail fits your high standards. VIP Paving then begins the next steps in the paving process.

Commercial parking lot paving
commercial parking lot paving work
  • Demolition and removal
  • Site Prep
  • Resurfacing
  • Patching
  • Road painting
  • Sealing

We work around your busy schedule so you never have to worry about your commercial asphalt paving interfering with getting business done. We provide off-hours and overnight paving services so you can arrive to work the next day with a stunning new parking lot.

  • Parking Lot Services

With years of commercial paving experience, VIP Paving is the right choice for large and small commercial paving projects. Our crews have traveled across the province revitalizing the look of commercial parking lots and adding value to properties.

Our crews are fully insured and bonded, so you can feel confident you are working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals. We also understand that business doesn’t stop just because the snow flies, so we offer all-year-round paving services that keep your commercial property looking great through every season.

  • Road and Parking Lot Markings

Ensuring the safety of your employees and visitors is our number one priority. VIP Paving offers comprehensive road and parking lot marking services so you can maintain a safe flow of traffic around your commercial or private property.

Road and Parking Lot Markings
Commercial Road and Line Markings
  • Road and Line Markings

Having highly visible road and line markings when entering or leaving your building increases the level of safety around your property. VIP Paving works with government and business leaders to help improve the level of safety and visibility on the roads using high visibility markings that are easy to see in all weather and lighting conditions. Our road line paving is long-lasting and provides effective parking spots and traffic navigation.

  • Line Removal Services

Over time, parking lot lines can fade. Road traffic and weather can wear on paint making it confusing to navigate roads and parking lots. VIP Paving has the right equipment to effectively remove existing road lines so they can be reapplied for better visibility.

  • Parking Lot Markings

Your parking lot is used every day by employees and clients. To ensure clarity for everyone who comes to visit your business, VIP Paving offers custom parking lot marking services that allow you to identify parking spots for business.

  • Employee Parking
  • Visitor Parking
  • Handicap Parking
  • Delivery pick up and drop off
  • Curbside Pick up

We will work with your management and safety team to identify the best parking management plan to suit your business.

Parking Lot Markings

How Commercial Asphalt is Done:

VIP Paving has a team of expert commercial asphalt installation professionals who provide knowledgeable and expert service. 

Excavations & Disposal – Equipment is brought onto your site to remove the existing asphalt, concrete, and road paint. This is done using forklifts, dump trucks, and front loaders. The team removes all remaining debris so that the site can be prepared for repaving.
Installing Granular A and Compaction with Heavy-Duty Rollers and Vibrations, Followed with Water – To make your site level, the VIP Paving team uses the latest laser-guided technology to level the site and make sure there is adequate water runoff. We also grade the site to suit your design specification.
Applying HL8 as a Base Coat, Asphalt Applied with Asphalt Spreader – Next, the sub-base is prepped with a frost barrier to prevent cracking and damage from freezing and thawing. The subbase is checked for stability and compaction to keep the ground level and prevent debris from rising to the surface.
Using SS1 Glue Between First Hl8 and Hl3, if Necessary for Patches – SS-1 Tack Coat Asphalt Glue is applied to the surfaces of the base coat to ensure proper bonding when the topcoat gets applied.
Applying HL3 as A Top Layer, Asphalt Applied with Asphalt Spreader – Next, an HL3 top layer is applied to the asphalt to seal and prevent damage from rain or traffic.
Compaction of HL3 with Heavy-Duty Rollers, Vibration, and Rollers – The HL3 compaction is done using heavy-duty rollers and vibration.
Light Weight Roller with Fine Grading – Finally, a lightweight roller is used to get rid of any bumps and to ensure a smooth surface.

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How much does it cost to asphalt a driveway?

The average cost of installing asphalt paving usually depends on the size of the driveway. We estimate it by square footage, and the estimated cost is between $3.50 and $4.50 per sq. ft.

What is the best base for pavers?

A paver base is usually made of roughly crushed stones. Ideally, the base should be 4 to 6 inches thick so that it provides a solid, sturdy foundation for the pavers on top.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is concrete that has patterns or textures made to resemble brick, stone, wood, and other materials. As well, people choose stamped concrete for aesthetic purposes in patios, sidewalks, driveways, and pool decks.

Why You Should Hire Us to Pave Your Commercial Lot


If you want your office exterior to stand out or you are ready to improve the look of your commercial parking lot, VIP Paving is your contractor. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and helping businesses create parking lots that reflect their high standards. And guess what? We are skilled in pavement maintenance and installation, as well. This way, upkeeping your driveway or lot is no longer a hassle. Furthermore, with over 20 years of experience in paving and interlocking, we have the expertise and skill it takes to pave your driveway to perfection.

We only use top-tier materials in our paving projects for your peace of mind. With our pavement installation, you won’t have to worry about your paving not holding up for a long time. Moreover, our lifetime warranty policy means you have our support in case any damage affects your pavement in the future.

If you’re curious about our commercial paving service, get in touch with us. The team at VIP paving is knowledgeable and ready to answer all your questions.

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If you need to install a new driveway or expand the parking lot by your office, VIP Paving is your go-to paving company. We offer a wide range of paving, concrete and interlocking services to suit your every need.