Avoid Toronto Pothole Tire Damage: Why You Need Driveway Paving for Commercial Parking Lot

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It is rather common to see potholes in a Toronto parking lot however these dips in the pavement can be quite dangerous to you and your vehicle. The experts at VIP Paving have created this informative guide to help you understand how potholes are formed, how does asphalt break down, the damages potholes can cause to your vehicle as well as the physical injuries they can inflict, and how to ultimately avoid Toronto pothole tire damage.

How are Potholes Formed?

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Potholes form when groundwater gets in underneath the pavement. When water seeps into the ground under the pavement, it expands, and contracts based on the weather conditions. For instance, when it’s cold, the water will freeze and expand. During warmer weather, the intensity of the sun can cause cracks and allow water to circulate inside.

Based on the weather, the age of the asphalt, the size of the parking lot, the amount of vehicle and foot traffic, and several other factors, Toronto potholes vary greatly in size and shape.

All About Asphalt Parking Lots

Asphalt is weather resistant and is effective at driveway winter protection. Since it is so dark, asphalt absorbs heat from the sun and helps snow and ice melt faster, meaning less opportunity for water to seep underneath. Asphalt is easy to repair and maintain.

If you notice cracks in your parking lot, an effective sealant application will do the trick. Not to mention, adding new asphalt can help bolster the overall structure of the pavement. If maintained properly, an asphalt parking lot can last up to 20 years.

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In addition to its weather-resistant qualities and effectiveness in winter conditions, asphalt offers remarkable durability, capable of withstanding substantial weight. The strength of an asphalt parking lot depends on several factors, including the thickness and quality of the asphalt layer, the compaction during installation, and the underlying base materials.

Typically, asphalt parking lots are engineered to support loads well within the range of standard vehicles and even larger commercial trucks. This load-bearing capacity is essential to prevent structural damage and ensure the longevity of the pavement.

How Does Asphalt Break Down?

Asphalt is bound to deteriorate over time. Driveway winter damage is common due to natural and unavoidable elements such as salt buildup, excessive storming and rain, chemical deposits from vehicles, or excessive sunlight.

As time passes, asphalt will lose its natural resistance to these factors and will need repairs before the deterioration worsens. Poor construction or application of asphalt can also affect its durability throughout the different weather conditions in Toronto.

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What Happens When Asphalt Deteriorates?

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It is likely for substantial deterioration of asphalt to occur after 3 to 5 years, even in the most normal weather conditions. You can expect your asphalt to start cracking soon if you notice it’s beginning to turn gray, and it looks brittle.

When your parking lot is in this poor state, through the cracks, water will begin to enter and freeze when it’s cold, and thaw when its warm. Expanding and contracting during the yearly cycle will cause larger cracks and eventually Toronto potholes will form.

How Pothole Tire Damage is Created

When it comes to pothole tire damage, if the blow is significant enough, a pothole can bend your car’s rims. This can cause air leaks and flat tires because of a poor seal between the rim and the tire. In addition to bending wheel rims, potholes can cause internal tire damage, alignment problems, and depending on the severity of the impact, can even cause shock and strut issues.

This does not mean your tires will puncture or your vehicle is damaged per say, however driving into a pothole can be a cause for concern and should be inspected if you have any doubt of the condition of your tires.

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How Potholes can Cause Injuries

As we transition from fall to winter, we recommend assessing your current winter parking lot safety conditions and make plans to pave your parking lot after the snow melts. Toronto potholes can cause injuries whether it’s from a vehicle that can lose control or a pedestrian who can trip, these are situations that can easily be avoided by paving your parking lot.

The greater the pothole, the larger the impact can be. Take action today and invest in your parking lot safety.

What is the Responsibility of Parking Lot Owners?

As a parking lot owner, you have a responsibility to always keep your property’s surrounding area in a reasonable state of repair. This Ontario law falls under the “Occupiers’ Liability Act” and its mandate protects those from getting injured because a property owner kept their parking lot unsafe.

The expectation for people when they are on someone else’s property is that they are not in jeopardy or at risk of getting hurt.

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In Ontario, parking lot owners who disregard the safety of others irresponsibly can be held accountable. Slips, trips, and falls are the most common accidents that people face from an unsafe property though recreational and car accidents can also arise from failing to maintain a safe parking lot.

If somebody faces a serious injury from parking lot owners’ negligence, the victim of the accident has every right to make a claim for damages against the unsafe party.

Prepare for Winter Parking Lot Safety

Avoid Toronto pothole tire damage by contacting the best pavers in Toronto at VIP Paving for commercial asphalt paving services. We are here to pave and protect GTA residents all year round from your driveway deteriorating and causing serious damage to you, your vehicle, or anybody else involved. If you have any further paving-related questions or you want to inquire about pricing, send us a message online, call, or email us for your free quote.